Don’t Underestimate Good PR

As I was preparing to conquer the business world this morning, I found an article that is full of seen and unseen gems. “The 3 T’s Of A Great PR Experience, Truth, Trust And Transparency”, from Forbes-YEC, describes how to recognize a PR firm that’s on it’s game vs one that talks a good game. I began to think back on my time working as a PR for several bands and labels-those that I was directly a part of, and those that hired my services. I realized that it was my relationships within the local music scene, and my expertise and knowledge of the music business that opened many doors and gained much exposure. I found that venturing into other industries, proved to be more…challenging; I decided to hire a PR that has expertise specific to the industry I’m currently in. It’s definitely more practical to have someone or a firm use their relationships and their expertise to drive business, rather than to try and be Superman in every position in my company. After all, how can you build a winning team without recruiting other  star players with different and important knowledge, skills and abilities? It takes a team to win the ring.

The Championship Ring…It’s Not Just For Sports


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