I read an article this morning in the Forbes-YEC titled, Six Lessons Learned From Turning My Passion Into A Business, and thought about the many business ventures I’ve had, mostly in partnerships.

During the mid-90’s, I helped a former high school friend jump-start his underground music label. It was exciting and new-in the beginning, but soon it became apparent that our love for music was quickly turning into…WORK. For almost a year, I poured myself and talent into growing this business; identifying and chasing down opportunities to promote our music became my mission, and I was good at it. I was able to get our less than studio quality recordings into rotation during a time when the genre we produced was underrepresented in our region; and this was no small task. But all the same, I loved it.

Towards the end of the year, things started to change ; I started to change. I no longer yearned to perform those tasks I so early took on earlier in the year. Dare I say it, I was burned out, and I had started to find reasons why I should walk away as we were beginning to get noticed. What I realized years later that I hadn’t when I “resigned” was although I loved and still have a huge passion for music, that passion has to be in alignment with the “corporate” passion and mission. Blind passion alone is never enough. It has to be healthy and a proper fit for the company to experience real growth and success. Properly aligned passion allows you to

  1. work beyond the burn-out
  2. strengthen your weaknesses through alliances and teambuilding
  3. find motivation through focusing on other areas of the business
  4. recognize when there is misalignment and have the courage to make any needed changes.

I could go on, but the Passion lesson strongly resonated within me, although the other lessons are equally as good. There is no doubt that other lessons can be included for the striving entrepreneur, but the lessons listed in the article are a good start.

Keep Moving Forward and Don’t Stop Believing!